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Thanksgiving Turkey Hangover

November 27, 2020

WWB Professor Colton checking in.

it's Friday and the thanksgiving day food hangover is kicking Ing. But there's Peacan pie leftovers, and turkey with all the fixings. Gotta get out to work on the road rig and enjoy my long weekend with my grandchildren. Be safe out there. It's still a global pandemic. 

“PPE. Personal Protective Equipment for welding includes jacket, gloves, hat, helmet, safety glasses, work boots, and a safety conscious attitude. For now PPE includes a COVID face mask”. Professor Colton WWB👍😎🇺🇸

“PPE. El equipo de protección personal para soldar incluye chaqueta, guantes, gorro, casco, gafas de seguridad, botas de trabajo y una actitud consciente de la seguridad. Por ahora el PPE incluye una mascarilla COVID ”. Profesor Colton WWB👍😎🇺🇸


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My new Matabo grinder arrived.

November 25, 2020

Oh si. Llegó la nueva amoladora angular Matabo de 4 1/2 ”. Bonito caso. Algún disco extra. Lo calificaré y revisaré pronto. Buen precio de Amazon. Seguro que será un gran fin de semana. 👍😎🇺🇸

Oh yeah. New Matabo 4 1/2” angle grinder arrived. Nice little case. Some extra disc. I’ll rate and review it soon. Nice price off Amazon. Gonna be a great weekend for sure. 👍😎🇺🇸


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Sunday November 22-2020 Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and thanks

November 22, 2020

Just a quick note reminding us all to be thankful and show gratitude as we come together in our "new normal" by limiting the spread of COVID-19 during this pandemic. What could possibly be more important than protecting the ones you love by being patient enough to mitigate coronavirus risk by limiting travel and following time tested methods to stay healthy. Give thanks, rejoice in the daily opportunities to bless the lives of others.


Professor Colton Sr


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Are you a "Super Hero" for career technical education?

July 20, 2018

Follow the link to our Facebook page. Weld straight!


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Summer Blog Update (7-1-2018) Catching Up.....

July 1, 2018

Wow! Nothing like writing a blog and then hitting the button to update the site only to get no update to update.  Oh well its like making a weld, then grinding it out and doing it over again.  It happens.  Keep a positive attitude and it will all work out. If your one of those spell check, grammar check individuals stop here. lol, I'm typing as fast as these oversized fingers can and sometimes it is what it is.  I remember when I was a youngster in the shop I worked at and one of the old guys tells me "Hey, kid! A grinder and a can of paint will cover a multitude of sins". Not sure what he would say about spell check, web pages, blogs and the internet.

Its summer and Ive been absent from this blog far too long.  It doesnt mean a lot hasnt been going on.  Just means that I have been up to my eyes in life.  You can relate I am sure.  I retired from my position as the full time professor of welding technology at Arizona Western College last summer (2017) only to get a life changing phone call two days later from a collegue to...


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I am a welderę by Samuel J. Colton Sr

June 17, 2012

I am a welder© by Samuel J. Colton Sr


The office and sanctity of being a “Welder”; one who joins metals is a sacred societal position held in all metal working cultures and is one to be revered.  Metal working cultures are easy to identify.  They have at their core advanced agriculture, scientific, literature and arts components.   Components that rely on the extraction of minerals, the harvest of plant and animal products in all their forms to achieve a safe, sanitary and progressive human experience.  An experience that depends on metallic objects, metallic components to facilitate these activities that makes civilized living a reality.  Societies that have risen to any historical, cultural, military prominence have recognized the value and importance of this the artisan class of metal workers.  It is the welder who holds the key to their conquest and supremacy in warfare, the arts, and science. 


Of the three pillars of civilization; that being the worker of the earth, the worker of stone and the worker of metals,( iron being the most important of them) no great civilization has stood long without each. But none has risen and maintained...


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Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012! With the end of the year 2011 we bid a fond farewell to what has been an exciting and event filled year.  A lot of welding education took place in my life and the life of the students I am priveledged to work with here at home and around the world during the past 12 months. 

 With the global political and economic crisis that are ongoing many young people can be lost in the wave of historic events that in some countries will see an entire generation that will be marked for the rest of their life with the memories of 2011.  As I have viewed the destruction from natural and manmade disasters, the loss of life and the subsequent suffering I am motivated to continue with the cause of spreading the skills and knowlege of metal working where ever I can.  Fundamental to all modern human activity is the use of metal implements.  Be it for peace or war.  People the world over have a need to create new innovations to solve local problems and to cope with global ones. 

 As welding professionals, educators and students we can make a diference through our individual and combined efforts.  In...

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Schools Out! What's next?

May 15, 2011

Schools out! What's next?  This is a question for welding educators and students alike.  For students the challenge can be two fold.  If you attended a "feel good" welding program that did a lot of welding but did not have embedded standards that meet local, state or national industry standards this can be a frustrating time as you come face to face with quality standards, welding codes and welder qualification performance test. 

 Students who have welding skills but do not have understanding of the rigor of industry qualification test and work site requirements leave school for the summer seeking jobs but will have trouble securing them.  They have to OJT (On the Job) train to get the edge they could have gotten as part of their school experience. 

 Programs that adopt AWS S.E.N.S.E. standards and competency based curriculum such as the recognized NCCER program provide students with honest education that prepares them for entry level in the competitive global workforce.  Training students from the begining of their programs to understand what Pass/Fail means in relation to weld standards sets them up for success; and we all like being a success.

 If you are a welding educator then summer may mean...

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The Gulf of Mexico Oil Wreck

July 8, 2010

It was not if it was going to happen it was when.  The loss of life, the loss to the enviroment.  So much lost for so little gain.  Key to the entire industry is the politics of welding.  Yes the politics of welding.  None of this could be made possible without welding engineering and all of the support technicians and welders.  Appropriate that the images of the engineered solutions show welders building the devices to stem the tide of leaking oil into the gulf. 

It will be welding and welders who will fabricate the solutions for the clean up.  The modified super tanker skimming oil  is one example of the flexibility of our industry and people.  We can all be proud of what we are able to do.  I hope we can find better ways to use our collective will to retool our global energy industry to safer more sustainable and enviromentally friendly technologies.

Weld on! Write on! Welding is a knowledge based activity.  Always was and always will be.

 Mr. C.

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"Green Welding" The Future is Now!

December 23, 2009

Go green is the new phrase replacing the old one of go west, or go north but go somewhere.  The people of the world who have access to the global information web are begining to realize what has always been true.  We are all in this world together.  The learning curve of past technologies which has given so much to mankind but at a huge envoromental price)has taken us to a new level of understanding.  That being; our ability to create technology must be done with full understanding of the enviromental consequence and not just the rate of return to investors.

Fortunately responsible individuals and companies have been quick to realize the profit potential in this so called new "green" movement.  I would prefer to think we are returning to the ancient ways of those who have been before and that we are ready to acknowledge the spiritual element of all that makes our world a place of wonder and never ending opportunity to learn.

Since welding in some form has been part of the human discovery that has lead to the modern marvels and all that   can be  seen as good and all that is known to have been bad, I am looking for greater national and...

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