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What an awesome event again hitter.


The 2023 11th annual Welders Without Borders: Welding Thunder location was held at WEST-MEC Southwest Campus in Buckeye Campus November 17th and 18th. 


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Sky Line High School Welding Thunder 2013 Video Link:



Our thanks to all the teams, students, teachers and industry partners for making this extraordinary event a success. 

Special thanks to the UA Pipe programTrades LU#469 and industry partners who have supported this event over time! 


Thank you to those volunteers in attendance including AWS President Mike Krupniki and District 21 Director Jeff Davis and Section leadership and industry for volunteers for their technical support in making this years event one of the best ever for students and instructors.


Thank you welding teachers and students. You are the reason  why we have this event.


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 Welding Thunder  (TM) Team  Fabrication Competition



The Welders Without Borders Welding Thunder© TM SM Welding Fabrication Team Invitational will be the event of the year for college and high school welding fabricators.  The event host teams of welding program with a limited number of students allowed in the action arena at a time; no limit on team members attending and supporting. 

Teams are allowed to bring more students to "tag in and tag out" to allow as many students the opportunity to participate in the contest and the expo as possible. 

 Welding Students compete to weld and cook show casing their fabrication project for the judges as required and as detailed by the program founder Samuel Colton.  

Teams are invited from around the world to register to compete and then travel to show off their skills and road rigs. Teams will be required to complete an assigned project determined in advance by Professor Colton.   Using the teams provided drawings with the engine drive power sources and equipment they brought to the event will weld the project. Teams will be responsible to bring all the required bill of  materials with allowance for materials for extra special custom features as the secret components to be incorporated by the teams into the project (contest guidelines availible from event sponsor).  Teams will be limited to the same start and stop time, finished or not.   Teams will fabricate their project day one and at noon on the second day finish, and while waiting for final judging cook lunch.   Registered contestant teams will be required to work from their "Welding Thunder" road rig, trailer or transported to site equipment.  All teams must undergo a safety compliance inspection prior to the start of the event. Teams will adhere to industry safety standards for hearing, eye and skin protection i.e. PPE during the event.  Safety point penalties will be assessed by the judges or disqualification from the event as warranted. Welding fabrication must be from equipment transported to the site.  All welding and auxiliary power will be provided by no more than two engine drive welders.  Thermal cutting activity will be restricted to the use of a Plasma Cutter.  Teams will be allowed to safely use more than one welding process or cutting processes. Teams will provide welding screens to shield other teams from any sparks or light hazards. All equipment and team activity must be contained within the designated area.   Awards will be given to the teams with the most accurate fabrication project as determined by the judges.  People’s choice award; there can be only one. 

Teams must comply with event guidlines as provided by event sponsors.


Judge's decision is final




Welders Without Borders Welding Thunder! Get Your Team Ready To Make Some Thunder!